Market Sectors

At Chips and Dinks, we provide high quality, low cost surface repairs to leading industries from food outlets such as bars, cafés and restaurant chains to retail premises looking to maintain a flawless finish. Our approach to work is methodical, logical and analytical with a focus on promoting recycling, eliminating waste and preventing materials from ending up in landfills unnecessarily.

Whether we’re completing the final touches for a construction company or repairing accidental damage to a mobile home, we’ll combine our expertise with the latest technology to ensure every job is completed with immaculate precision. With experience in a wide array of market sectors, we approach all tasks with confidence and offer a flexible approach to work which helps to minimise workplace disruption. In other words, we perform on-site repairs at a time that’s most appropriate to you.

We expertly tackle scratches, scrapes, scorches, chips, cracks, dents and other kinds of damage whether it has been caused by accident, general wear and tear, or vandalism. We have the ability to match shapes, colours and textures and can repair a vast variety of hard surfaces including wood, tiles and glass, making us a top choice for affordable repairs.

  • Caravans and Mobile Homes

    Cost effective repair to damaged caravans or mobile homes.

  • Construction

    Repair and restoration service for the construction industry.

  • Education

    Eradicate all signs of damage including general wear and tear.

  • Facilities Management

    Affordable surface repair solutions that maintain standards.

  • Food outlets

    From scratched tables to stained fabric, we restore rather than replace.

  • Government and Council

    We help ensure commercial and domestic premises are fit for purpose.

  • Healthcare

    Restoration work carried out conveniently, discreetly and respectfully.

  • Insurance

    High quality, low cost surface repair that is cheaper than replacement.

  • Marine Environments

    Hard surface repairs restoring boats to their former condition.

  • Retail

    Maintenance and repairs to imperfections in the retail environment.

  • Sports and Leisure

    Restoration of fixtures and fittings that have seen better days.

A Service You Can Trust

The best way to get a quick quote from us, is to text a picture of the item that needs repairing. Alternatively you can email or call us.

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Our normal business hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. However, these can be flexible to meet your needs.

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We service the whole county, including Swale, Medway, Maidstone, Canterbury and Bromley, and will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.