At Chips and Dinks, we provide a high quality repair and restoration service for the construction industry, with companies often putting our services to good use during the final stages of a project.
With deadlines looming and eager clients waiting for flawless properties, it’s essential that any last minute or accidental damage caused during the construction process is fixed as quickly as possible – and that’s where we come in. Even the smallest scuff, scratch or chip will be noticed in a new or refurbished property which is why we utilise our expert renovation skills to ensure all imperfections are completely eradicated and each premises looks pristine.

High quality, low cost restoration

Of course, typical replacements can be time consuming, disruptive and costly which is why our business model focuses on delivering high quality, low cost restoration with a focus on recycling and minimising waste. At each site, our highly skilled specialists expertly assess the task at hand before restoring the colour, shape, pattern and finish of all damaged areas. Our fast, methodical approach allows for the seamless turnover of properties that are not only immaculate inside and out but have been finished to perfection without overstretching construction budgets or timescales.

Extensive industry experience

As well as making essential savings, you’ll also benefit from our extensive industry experience which enables us to provide expert analysis and reliable guidance. All professionals are fully trained and use the latest tools and technology to ensure construction projects meet the highest standards. Offering a flexible approach to work, we’ll come in and complete our finishing touches at a time which suits – and don’t worry, we are perfectly used to operating in high pressured environments.

A Service You Can Trust

The best way to get a quick quote from us, is to text a picture of the item that needs repairing. Alternatively you can email or call us.

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Our normal business hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. However, these can be flexible to meet your needs.

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