Marine Environments

Damaged surfaces on boats, ships and pleasure craft can create a negative impression and affect the health and safety of those on board. For this reason, essential maintenance should be carried out regularly, not only to reduce the chance of accidents, but to retain the aesthetics of each vessel – after all, damaged surfaces are not expected on luxurious cruise liners or super yachts.

Boats tend to be made from complex, lightweight materials to ensure they’re fit for purpose. These are often hard to source and expensive to replace, leaving the marine industry in need of a more cost effective solution. Here at Chips and Dinks, we focus on repairing surfaces using the latest technology rather than relying on more invasive, disruptive processes.

All kinds of hard surfaces can be easily restored to their former condition, so whether they’ve been accidentally damaged or are showing signs of general wear and tear, we can help. As boats are often continuously exposed to the elements, we are also well versed in dealing with rust and other signs of weathering.

Common issues that can be easily fixed include:

  • Chipped basins and shower trays in bathrooms
  • Cracked tiles
  • Furniture that has been scratched, stained, dented or otherwise damaged
  • Corroded whirlpools

We offer a flexible approach to the scheduling of work and can carry out repairs while ships are in dry dock or during port stopovers. As our work is carried out on-site, the process is much quicker than ordering and waiting for replacements, meaning you can be on your way in no time at all. If needed, we can also arrange for technicians to carry out repairs while the vessel is at sea.

A Service You Can Trust

The best way to get a quick quote from us, is to text a picture of the item that needs repairing. Alternatively you can email or call us.

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