Sports and Leisure

Well maintained sports and leisure facilities help to encourage both sports fanatics and those looking for a new challenge to frequent them. Cracked tiles, stained walls and damaged equipment can quickly ruin the aesthetics of even a new centre, making renovations essential.

While replacing damaged assets can be a costly, gruelling and time consuming process – especially when you factor in ordering and fitting new parts – surface repair is a much more affordable alternative. Here at Chips and Dinks, we focus on restoring rather than throwing out fixtures and fittings that have seen better days.

Using the latest technology we are able to match shapes, colours and patterns in order to bring even the most deteriorated surfaces back to life. All work is carried out on-site in a timely way and as we plan all of our projects thoroughly, we will ensure the least amount of disruption is caused.

So, whether your communal areas need to be brought up to standard or changing room lockers require a little attention, we can help.

A Service You Can Trust

The best way to get a quick quote from us, is to text a picture of the item that needs repairing. Alternatively you can email or call us.

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