Common Repairs

There are certain surfaces within the domestic and commercial environments that are exposed to bumps, scratches and nicks on a daily basis. Worktops, tiles and doors are commonly in need of repair by our skilled professionals, as are bathtubs and sinks. Homeowners with pets may find that damage done by chewing or scratching can be costly, so our services are the perfect solution for them.

Baths, sinks and showers

Baths, sinks
and showers

Whether in the home or in the office, bathroom areas are prone to chips, cracks and colour staining due to the frequency of their use. Aside from being unsightly, this damage can foster the growth of bacteria, so it’s important to ensure it’s restored.
Chips in a bathtub, sink or shower basin can pose a safety issue, particularly if they leave sharp edges, and are at risk of worsening due to the amount of water they’re exposed to each day. Our repairs ensure a polished finish within just a few hours.

Tiles and ceramics

Tiles and ceramics

Although tiles and ceramics are, on the whole, very durable, they can get cracked or chipped over time and pose a safety risk. This is undesirable in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms that are heavily used by families, customers or employees. Our experts have ceramic fillers and the latest colour matching systems to enable them to repair tiles and ceramics to a high standard.

Wood, laminate  and furniture

Wood, laminate
and furniture

Wood and laminate are popular flooring materials as they have a glossy finish and are easy to keep clean. However, when they become scratched, scuffed or burnt, they begin to look tired. Replacing parts of a wood or laminate floor can prove expensive, so restoration offers an affordable alternative and saves on wastage. Our colour and pattern matching equipment means we can restore a seamless finish to your floor, or indeed to any other wood or laminate surfaces in your home or office, including tables and desks, dressers and shelving.



Like doors and frames, worktops (wood, granite and marble) are consistently exposed to the possibility of damage. Cracks and chips can result in a potential hygiene risk as well as an unpleasant appearance, while burn marks and scratches mar the look of your workspace. We can repair such damage and replicate the pattern and texture of your worktop at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to replace it.

Doors, frames and kitchen units

Doors, frames
and kitchen units

Doors and frames are some of the most regularly used parts of any building, and can be bumped during furniture moves, chewed or scratched by pets, subjected to stains and more. While the natural reaction can be to replace them, repairs are a less costly option and the team at Chips and Dinks will restore them to their former state.

Brick and Stone

Brick and stone

Constant exposure to the elements and accidental damage means that brick and stonework often needs repairing. Thanks to advancements in equipment, these can be carried out more easily, reducing the need for multiple tradesmen and decreasing unnecessary wastage. Brick and stone repairs can restore the appearance, safety and stability of your property and dispense with the hassle of sourcing replacement materials.

Caravans and mobile homes

Caravans and
mobile homes

Caravans and motorhomes need to be manoeuvrable, so they are built with lightweight materials. Whilst this makes them fit for purpose, it also means they can be susceptible to cracks and scrapes. We’ll carry out both exterior and interior repairs on these vehicles, leaving them looking as good as new and reducing the risk of further damage while you’re out and about. We also repair mobile homes, which can suffer damage from frequent use, particularly in peak seasons.



Scratches on glass surfaces can often be unsightly. Most people will either live with it or have to bear the high cost of replacing it. Not any more, let us see if we can remove the scratch and return the glass to its former glory.

Baths, sinks and showers


Scruffs, bumps and chips are common and can be costly especially if your vehicle is leased and has to be returned in good condition. We have the skills and equipment to carry out smart repairs to any vehicle for a fraction of the cost of a car dealer.

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