Our Work

The best way to showcase what we do is with before and after pictures. This is just a selection of our repairs. (Drag the arrows left to right)

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Damaged Car Paint Work

The classic bumper scrape that ruins the fine definition of your car, is easily fixed by Chips and Dinks.

Red Car Damaged PaintworkRed Car Paint work fixed

Damaged Wall

Removal of pipes or cables can ruin your brickwork. Here you can see an example of how we can make good that kind of damage.

Damaged wallDamaged wall after being fixed

Reception Desk

Wear and tear of high traffic furniture is expected. Perhaps what is not expected, is how well we can restore it.

KIMS Hospital Reception Desk damagedKIMS Hospital Reception Desk fixed

Worktop (Edge)

Worktop corners go through the mill. Every day knocks and bashes take their toll. But you'll be amazed at how well we can restore and repair them, to their former glory.

Worktop damaged border beforeWorktop border area fixed

Burnt Cabinet

This is the perfect example of repair rather than replace. Save yourself some money and keep the furniture you love.

Burnt CabinetBurnt Cabinet after being fixed

Worktop (Caravan)

Wear and tear is inevitable, and accidental damage is expected. What's not, is how well we can repair this type of damage. Literally, as it if never happened.

Worktop surface area damagedWorktop surface area fixed

Window Boards

Perhaps the most surprising repair we offer is UPVC. We can make broken or damaged window boards look like new.

Door Handle Repair

When finishing decor, it's the little things that make a difference. Finishing of fixtures and fittings can make a big difference to the aesthetics of a room, and fine detail is what we are great at.

Door handle shabbyDoor handle fixed

A Service You Can Trust

The best way to get a quick quote from us, is to text a picture of the item that needs repairing. Alternatively you can email or call us.

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Our normal business hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. However, these can be flexible to meet your needs.

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